National Democratic Redistricting Committee Endorses 12 Nevada
Assembly Democrats

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2022

National Democratic Redistricting Committee Endorses 12 Nevada
Assembly Democrats

Las Vegas, NV – The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a leader in the fight to defend our nation’s democracy, endorsed 12 Nevada Assemblymembers, highlighting these legislators as Democracy Defenders.These legislators represent a vital line of defense against extremist election-denying candidates supported by the GOP. Polling has shown that voters are increasingly concerned about threats to democracy. Election deniers are running across the country and it is vital to elect candidates who will preserve democracy.

Members will play key roles in strengthening our democratic system. It is more clear than ever that the fight for our democracy is happening in state legislatures across the country. Our freedom to vote is on the ballot this November, and these Democrats will lead the way to do everything they can to defend the constitution and preserve our fundamental rights.

NDRC endorsed the following Nevada Assembly candidates:

  • Britney Miller AD-5
  • Steve Yeager AD-9
  • Rochelle Nguyen AD-10
  • Max Carter AD-12
  • Erica Mosca AD-14
  • Howard Watts II AD-15
  • David Orentlicher AD-20
  • Elaine Marzola AD-21
  • Natha Anderson AD-30
  • Michelle Gorelow AD-35
  • Shea Backus AD-37
  • Sandra Jauregui AD-41
  • Tracy Brown May AD-42


Carlos Perez,


Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus

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